Today is Sunday

Today is Sunday.

A day where most of us enjoy a well deserved rest and get the chance to spend time with our friends and families. (Well that’s the theory anyway)

I on the other hand am sat at home working, wondering where the day has gone.

As a mum of 2 aged 6 years and 18 months, I often ask myself why I do it. The long nights working, the weekends away from the family and the dark circles under the eyes come Monday morning.

The long and short of it is that I love my job. I love taking a business to new places they didn’t even know existed and to offer advice and guidance to those just setting up.

Recently however following a conversation with a very down to earth friend I realised one thing. If every once in a while I stop and take a break, even for 1 hour, would the world end? Would all my clients leave and question my loyalty for stopping work?

The answer was obviously no and from then on in I have begun a path of self realisation, developing a better work life balance and regaining my valuable family time.

Now I love my life, business, family and friends and can’t thank my friend enough. I would never change my life as, without my business I would simply be a mum 24:7, I often admire mums who have the patience to stay at home, but I certainly don’t.

I like the ability to drop the children off at school and nursery and change hats to marketeer or friend. Having such great clients, employees and a supportive family means that being a mum and running a business is fun rather than a chore.

So although not your standard first blog post I want to leave you with one thought.

Do you love your job or do you find things getting on top of you?

When things all get too much just remember to ask yourself.

Would the world end if I stopped for a small break?

Am I even productive in this state of mind?

Then stop take a break and you will feel invigorated (even a little naughty the first few times!)


2 responses

  1. Hi Sarah, I started off over two years ago thinking I had to work all hours, and sometimes I did, but I eventually realised that I also need time off.

    I now rarely work weekends and only evenings if necessary. Those times are reserved for my family and some ‘me’ time. It’s hard sometimes but you do need to step away and relax.

    Congratulations on the new blog 🙂

    February 21, 2011 at 10:31 am

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