Where has the other 1p gone?

Following an interesting day I sat down with my OH and my 2 children for our tea, when my OH decided to completely blow my mind. He told me this riddle which he heard at work and since that point I haven’t been able to figure it out.

Therefore I am calling everyone for your help to understand the solutions.

The story

3 Friends walked into a shop to buy some chocolate. They gave the shop keeper 30p and he said:

“The chocolate bar is only 25p so I’ll give you all (3 men) 1p back each and I’ll keep 2p myself”

Therefore each person had spent 9p each on the chocolate bar (10p-1p=9p)

But if we add up everything:

3 x 9p = 27p


2p (that the shop keeper kept)

Equals = 29p???

So where is the other 1p gone

Please help explain this as my brain is baffled!!!



One response

  1. OK I’ll rise to it and interact with your blog 🙂 – you are adding it up wrong:

    3 friends give (3x10p), get 1p back each (3p) and shopkeeper keeps 25p for the choc and 2p for his stash.

    So effectively they give the shopkeeper 3 x 9p = 27p

    The shop keepers 2p comes out of this 27p leaving 25p cost of choc.

    You don’t ADD the 2p to 27p, you subtract it leaving the 25p cost of choc.

    (25+2) / 3 = 9

    May 12, 2011 at 9:50 pm

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