Did the royal wedding add anything to your bottom line?

Whilst reading Marketing magazine last week I came across an interesting article about the effects leading brands felt on their bottom line, following ties to the Royal wedding.

In short the research found that 66% of consumers said their purchasing behaviour would not be influenced by associations with the wedding. Moreover, 17% said they would be much less likely to buy a product attempting to link to the event. Also more than half of consumers believed it was inappropriate for brands to attempt to increase sales on the back of the royal wedding.

These findings contradict widely accepted marketing theories, that making advertising relevant to the audience increases impact. This shows that consumers can be intelligently discerning in their choice of brand usage, but they are also very aware when it comes to trusting brands.

In my opinion the reason behind the success and failure of some brands attempts at royal wedding ties was brand relevancy. For example it is appropriate for a wedding venue, dress shop or car hire company to promote the Royal wedding compared to a FMCG company. As consumers, we expect to see the Royal Mint promoting their products during the Royal wedding build up and we also accept T-Mobile’s ad for its comedic value, but we are perhaps less understanding when brands ‘jump on the Royal bandwagon’ with seemingly no reason to, except to increase sales.

An important point to note here is to consider carefully before tying in with major events and to think carefully about the relevancy of the links, as it may not create the impact you desire.


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