Creating a Marketing Strategy

Our first top tip is about creating a fresh new marketing strategy for 2012.

This is a new year, so why not make a fresh start.

If you do one thing this January, try and evaluate your marketing activities and formulate a realistic strategy you can stick to.

Often companies write a strategy at a top level and it sits in a draw gathering dust until things aren’t going right. Why not make this year different and be proactive with your marketing plans. Create a strategy that uses SMART aims (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely).

Here are a few basic steps you can follow to create your own marketing strategy.

1) Write down all the things you want to achieve this year. (Make sure these are realistic but also a challenge)

2) Give yourself a measurable target for each goal, to ensure you can gauge the success of your actions. Either a date, figure or outcome.

3) Then take each individual element and think how you can achieve these. Start at the top level (i.e. increasing awareness, strengthen brand..) and work down to specific actions (i.e. write 1 press release per month or place 2 adverts per month).

4) Take all the actions set out in the brainstorm and formulate a plan for the next year, week by week, of what things from the list you need to complete each week.

5) Make sure you continually measure the success of your actions by comparing your achievements against your goals. If something isn’t working don’t be disheartened, just learn from it and try something new!

It’s not as scary as it sounds and can make a real difference.

Good Luck!

If you would prefer us to help you create your strategy, why not give us a call on 01524 510417 or email


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